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Welcome to Pickwick Video Wikia with Screen Legends, Ladybird Video, Fairtrade Video, Children's Choice, Mr Pickwick, Hallmark, Longman Video, Central Video and Rank Classic Collection

The companyEdit

Pickwick Video was a British home video division based in London, England. It was first established in 1982. The company was divided into eight video labels:-

  • Pickwick Video - published children's, sports and drama videos
  • Screen Legends - published classic films and sometimes children's videos in 1982
  • Ladybird Video - published children's videos
  • Longman Video - published documentary and sometimes sports and children's videos in 1982.
  • Fairtrade Video - published children's, sports, documentary, drama and classic films videos
  • Children's Choice - published children's videos
  • Mr Pickwick - published children's videos
  • Hallmark - published children's videos, they continued even when Pickwick was owned by Carlton
  • Rank Classic Collection - published mostly Rank films

In the 1980s, before the formation of Video Collection International, ITV regional company Central released videos under the group, usually in a collaboration with either the Screen Legends or Longman labels.

Throughout the years from 1982 to 1986, Longman Video was just a separate video company owned by Longman Group Ltd, before it became part of the Pickwick Video Group's list of video companies in 1986.

The division was dissolved in 1993 and was merged into just the Pickwick name. In 1992, it was bought by Carlton Communications and in 1995 renamed as Carlton Video.

In Australia, it associated children's videos from Tempo Video, The Video Collection and Thames Video. When Pickwick closed down, the Tempo Video library was sold to ABC Video but only for the programmes that are suitable for the under 5s.

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